Artist Development Evaluation


Do you want to know what some of the top music industry professionals think of your music? With a tailored Artist Development Evaluation from We Are Listening, our expert panelists will provide a critical analysis of your music and give you the important feedback that you need to improve your songwriting, production and performance, as well as an appraisal of your commercial prospects.

Our unique assessments are based on three specific artist development questions that you will be prompted to submit along with a link to your web page. Once our panelists have reviewed your submission, you will receive a personal email from the lead-reviewer examining the core issues of your music and online presentation; highlighting strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement.
The critique service is temporarily unavailable due to overwhelming demand.
"Thank you so much for your helpful critique, it really boosted the band's confidence to read your positive remarks"
-Rebecca Wolfers
"Each of your points was valid and constructive... money well spent!"
-Jeffrey Cummings