Lyric Writer Awards



We Are Listening have teamed up with to provide an incredible, end-to-end solution for lyricists through a career launching lyric writing contest - The Lyric Writer Awards!

Each year, four writers will be selected by our expert panel of judges for an exclusive co-writing and recording project with some of the industry’s most prominent songwriters, producers, mix engineers, and session musicians.

We Are Listening will hire a professional staff writer to set music to the winners' lyrics and will provide their full music production service featuring some of LA's finest session players, producers and audio engineers. We Are Listening will then pitch the completed master to its network of music publishers and supervisors.

This is your opportunity to turn your words into recorded music and work with the industry's leading songwriters, session players, producers, and engineers.

Categories & Cash Prizes

1. A professional songwriter will write the melody and chord changes for the winning lyric and deliver a scratch demo and/or lead sheet to

2. will book a producer, mix engineer, mastering engineer, guitarist, bass player, drummer, vocalist and keyboard player to produce the song.

3. We Are Listening will pitch the mastered demo to its network of music publishers and music supervisors. We can't guarantee a deal but we'll give it a darn good try!


  1. The lyric must be an own, original work

  2. Each entry will be judged on its:

    (I) song form

    (II) composition

    (III) creative and professional merit

  3. The lyric must be in English

  4. The lyric can be the product of more than one writer but the fair division of the awards and prizes and/or co-authorship or co-publishing agreement will be the resposibility of the entrant as the name appears on the entry form

  5. The entry fee for one song is $20.

  6. Entries must be received by midnight EST on the 1st June 2015.

"Thank you for being the best song contest around for lyric writers... everyone who won has deserved it!"
-Aaron Hefferz
"You do a great service to us unheard-of writers out here with your song contest. Very sincerely, thank you!"
-Andy Rieber
"I wish to congratulate the Lyric Writer Awards winner, as well as We Are Listening and the contest judges, for choosing a fine and deserving lyric... one that I can actually imagine someone setting to music."
-Jeffrey A. Cummings