How Would You Spend A Million Dollars?

December 14th, 2010 by We Are Listening

Last week, I wrote about a free song contest idea where the winner would receive a million dollars cash.  No strings attached.  If you missed it, here it is.

So, if YOU win, what will you do with the million dollars?

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  1. Mandy Says:

    Last time I believe I wrote suggestions for others, who had replied more generally; this reply is for me, personally!!! First of all I would be grateful, and thank the people who believed in me enough to give me this wonderful chance, and thank God-the Universe; then!! I would hire a publicist; I would hire a radio promo person; I would hire someone to organize my office; I would set up an interface with iTunes (which already carries my songs) and Shazam so it would show my tour information, and how to buy my songs, all at the same place (plus update my own website the same way, and add a personal note at regular intervals). I would get a great booking agent since I would have my own $ for tour support; I would make sure the publicist and/or radio promo person got me airplay and interviews at each town before the show; hire a great sideman and later as things build, a great band (I know a host of great players and they’ve all played with me for little $; but I would want the best and for them to be paid enough to go on the road, plus expenses); make a new CD and promote it using all the above, plus my current catalog; and keep my attitude of gratitude!!

  2. MIKE NIND Says:

    Buy a really well equipped studio and invite all my musician friends to record free

  3. Vessy Mink Says:

    I would buy a new home for my parents, put
    sufficient funds away for my two children, pay
    off all of my debts, buy an RV and pimp it out
    with economic sustainability( solar panels etc.)
    I would record the album of my life. I would give
    Each of my siblings 20 grand. I would donate
    $100,000.00 to the non profit gallery, Womanmade. I would pay for my
    husband to go to the school of his choice.
    I would start a corporation that I am passionate
    about, and make my money
    work for me. I would buy a whole new wardrobe
    and have a spa day with all my girlfriends:)

  4. Chuck Williams Says:

    1. Pay off my sons house for him.
    2. Buy a cabin in the woods (anywhere)
    3. Build a Recording Studio
    4. Enjoy Life

  5. Stephen Wilkerson Says:

    After setting my kids and wife up so their future will be secure, I would find as many hungry and homeless families I could find and feed and shelter them for as long as the rest of thr money would last

  6. Sharon Daniels Says:

    Pay off my house….Hire a band or start with a pianist and do a dynamite song and comedy/impressions show. Touch their hearts, let ‘em get into the music, and also make them laugh!

  7. Sharolyn George Says:

    I feel that this generation of artists express themselves in their music and have a lot to tell the world. Personally I would generate the cash flow by contributing to various genres
    of the people who I know personally. And that part of their cash flow be contributed to the special need children/adults who are equally talented but physically challenged. Touch each other,share the moments for we are here but a short while…
    Love peace to all