Our Song Contest Is A Farce

August 28th, 2010 by We Are Listening

In response to an email alert that automatically goes out to our members seven days before a song contest deadline, I received this email this morning.  It made me chuckle.  Is that bad?

I am pleased to see that there are only 7 days remaining before this farce comes to a blissful end.  Every day this “opportunity” has been before us it has seemed like a miserable exercise in futility.  Please inform me when you have completely closed your doors to any additional submissions so I can rest in peace.  It’s been a nightmare.

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  1. Kate Says:

    I wouldn’t take this too seriously or personally; from the terms used (“opportunity” and “submissions”) I’d wager this came from a Sonicbids user. Sonicbids has a huge mixture of “opportunities”, some of which are extremely doubtful. This tends to create a lot of frustration among the subscribers which often gets vented in every possible direction! If they vetted their offers a bit more carefully this wouldn’t happen. That said, I’ve also seen a bit of improvement over the last year or so.

  2. Metral Says:

    We Are Listening seems to be willing to stick it out as we all learn just how to be succesful in the online music industry.At first I was very skeptical,because of the many agencies that seem to be being’born overnight” I think that musican should carefully weigh just what the contest offers? Does appearing on a poorly set stage with God knows who running the show? Or perhaps you would rather wait and contract your own show out to agencies such as “Star Search” They want a act,then make them pay to see it,dont just throw yourself to them.But if the contest offered like 3 nights at the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas,more people might be interested.

  3. Dick Bartley Says:

    It’s a rough life.

  4. H. Jay Carney Says:

    I concur that lots and lots of other websites drive budding songwriters nuts with little or no interaction or feedback. I must say that I’ve become blown away with the magnificence of active participation in http://www.broadjam.com where the six month long 6-Pack contest affords incredibly amazing interaction amongst all the participating songwriters, including opening up doors for multiple collaborations. As a direct result of participating in this contest, I’m now collaborating with no less than 8 other songwriters and in the process of producing some of my best work ever. Furthermore, there’s an incredibly inclusive, warm, sharing and nurturing blog associated with the contest, where for the six month duration of the contest, members and songwriters have an ongoing dialogue discussing one another’s works, comment on excellent songs appearing in the contest and, generally, creating both a stimulating and supportive on line environment for songwriters and budding songwriters alike to help further their craft.