What is a Songwriter Contest “Round”?

April 28th, 2011 by We Are Listening

The Singer/Songwriter Awards takes place six times a year.  When we first launched in 2005, we (uh, I…) decided to number each contest, 1 through 6, for each year.  

Stupidly, we named each of the six contests as a “Round” (e.g. The 2005 Singer/Songwriter Awards Round 1).

This created some confusion for you guys because you associated “Rounds” with multiple segments of a single event (like in boxing), right?

To clarify, each contest “Round” is an independent and complete contest.  As such, if you enter Round 1 and win, then you win.  That’s it.  You do not need to enter any further Rounds… but you are more than welcome to.

Make sense?

You might be asking yourself, “If it’s so confusing, why don’t they name the contests differently?”

Ahh… good question!

Our entire backend system (the database we use to store, display and reconcile your contest submissions), is configured to ‘understand’ Rounds.  Changing it is possible but a major undertaking.

Unfortunately, we’re stuck with Rounds.

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  1. How to get a record deal Says:

    i think “Rounds” with multiple segments of a single event is right.
    because original singer come out by facing the rounds!!!!!!!

  2. U Digsta Says:

    Nice!This kinda sounds like the old saying, “you can satisfy some of the people, some of the time. But you cant satisfy all the people, all the time”. If anyone won whats called a round, tand then prepared themself for the next round, only to find out they had completely won, I’m hoping they wouldnt be bent outta shape about that. So, on behalf of the unsigned artist who appreciate anything that someone does to help further our music careers along, thank you very much for your efforts.
    Truly Appreciative