New Music Video Awards


What is the New Music Video Awards?
The New Music Video Awards (NMVA) is a music video contest for artists who wish to promote, distribute and sell their original audiovisual clips to a global audience via the world's largest online retailers.

What are the submission requirements?
Anyone with an original music video may enter the contest. Please review the Rules for more guidance.

How is the NMVA different from other contests?
The NMVA is geared at providing a major opportunity to promote and make money from your original music online. Winners are rewarded with an all-encompassing licensing and distribution deal as well as a $500 cash advance.

What is a "licensing and distribution deal"?
An agreement between We Are Listening and you to distribute your music video to online retailers (e.g. iTunes, Napster, eMusic) or license the rights to third parties for commercial use (e.g. use the music for a TV commercial).

Will the copyrights to my video be protected?
We Are Listening will uphold all formal and informal contact to stringent moral and legal privacy measures, will not seek ownership of the copyright of any of the submissions, and all economic and moral rights in them will remain their author's at all times. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy and the NMVA Terms and Conditions.

If I sign this agreement, what will I get?
As a We Are Listening client, you will receive 90% of all Net income (Net income is what We Are Listening collects from retailers and licensees on your behalf).

How do I take part?
You can enter your video by clicking on Submit. We accept submissions exclusively through Sonicbids.

When is the submission deadline?
Every contest has a different deadline. Select a contest from the Contests page and click on ‘Rules’ for details.

How much is the submission fee?
The submission fee is US $30.

Can the music video be in any language?
Yes! Your music video can be in any language but we must receive a written translation for submissions in any language but English.

What do I get if I win?
If you win, We Are Listening will offer you a non-exclusive licensing agreement to digitally distribute your video to any and all online music download portals AND a $500 advance!

What if I am already signed?
If you have other contractual obligations, we will work with your business partners to add value to your existing relationship.

How much money will I make if We Are Listening licenses my video?
We Are Listening is responsible for licensing the rights to your winning submission and making it available to online sellers and promoters – how much money you will make depends on how many people download your video.

What about my CD and DVD?
Our licensing agreement only covers content formatted for online consumption. We will not have the right to distribute your music on CD and music video on DVD.

Who watches the videos and decides who wins?
The preliminary round will be judged by a collaborative effort between the Judges of The Singer/Songwriter Awards and our licensing and distribution department. Three finalists will be selected and presented on our site for a public vote.

If I win, how will I know?
Winners will be contacted directly by We Are Listening by phone or email.

What's expected of me?
We expect you to undertake and promise that your submission is an own, original work or authorised by the copyright owner.

What should I do if I have any questions or experience any problems?
Please feel free to contact us at anytime.