Free International Songwriting Competition



A total of $6,000 is available for winners of We Are Listening’s free international songwriting competition for songwriters, lyricists and performing artists in need of financial aid to support their budding musical careers. Winnings will be divided between the winner, finalist and runner-up in each of the three categories: Singer/Songwriter, Songwriter, and Lyricist.

The winner, finalist and runner-up in each category will be selected by Lior Shamir, We Are Listening's Founder and Managing Director.

Anyone is welcome to submit one original song or lyric, entirely for free. Participants will receive a free songwriting competition score card within 30 days of the submission deadline.

Detailed professional songwriting critiques from one of our music industry panelists are available at a fee.

Categories & Cash Prizes

During the submission process, you will be asked to select one category from a choice of three:

Singer/Songwriter Category: For solo artists and bands who write their own words and music, as well as sing their own songs.


Songwriter Category: For songwriters who write the words and music, but do not sing their own songs.


Lyricist Category: For lyricists who write lyrics only.


Take your best guess if you're not sure of your appropriate category. If we believe your entry belongs in a different category, we will make the necessary change and notify you by email.


1. One entry (one song) per person or group

2. One category per entry

3. The lyric must be in English.

4. The song/lyric can be the product of more than one writer (a “co-write”)

5. Sound quality will not be a factor in the judging process
"You are so responsive and kind - very different from other songwriting competitions. Whatever you all are doing at We are Listening... you are doing it right."
-Sandra Spady
"We Are Listening offers a tremendous array of services and opportunities for musicians. We're thrilled and honored to be involved!"
-The Love Me Nots
"Just a quick note to thank you and your judges for listening to my submissions. Though I wish I had been one of your selections, I so appreciate just the opportunity to have been heard."
-Robin Lee Field