Independent Music Promotion

Independent music promotion generally pertains to a new generation of promotional strategies and tools specifically conceived and developed for use by amateur marketers, usually the artist promoting music on his own behalf. A new breed of mostly web-based online services have allowed artists to promote their music and shows “independently”, including but not limited to ReverbNation, Sellaband, Sonicbids, PureVolume, MyDrifts,, and, of course, MySpace and Facebook. With the rise of self-promotion tools and networking services, the music industry entry barrier has fallen and more up and coming artists are finding their way to the lime light.

Traditionally, artists would depend on record labels and distributors for audience access, research, distribution, and retail. Now, with the almost complete and total migration to online and independent music promotion, artists are communicating, distributing, and selling on their own. In fact, established and well financed music companies do not have the competitive advantage that they used.

While a world of independent music promotion possibilities awaits artists gearing-up to go to market with their music, there’s an awful lot of clutter to sort through and the number of available online services can be overwhelming. Rather than sign-up to every service out there, artists should remain focused and employ the services which are specifically designed to meet their goals. For instance, if getting music on iTunes is a milestone, ReverbNation, TuneCore, and CD Baby are the three major players that every artist should consider. Registering with just one should suffice! If television placement is a top priority, perhaps PumpAudio or YouLicense are the best independent facilitators.

We Are Listening provides an integral piece of the independent music promotion puzzle by catering to unsigned artists, songwriters and lyricists with career-building music contests and artist awards. Submit your music to one of five indernational music contests for a chance to differentiate yourself and expose your music to a wider audience.

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