Indie Music Promotion

Indie music promotion has been made possible by the conception and deployment of online networking and marketing services. To a large extent, traditional music industry divisions such as retail and distribution have been made accessible to bootstrapping artists by way of iTunes and Amazon, eliminating the need for physical distributors and high-street stores who demand a handful of large accounts as opposed to many small independent clients.

The internet has made it possible for self-starters to find the limelight and compete with well-funded artists dependent on traditional music marketing methods. Whether you're promoting your act on MySpace and selling on CD Baby, or taking the viral route on YouTube and marketing on ReverbNation, indie music promotion is, today, truly possible, thanks to the web.

Founded in 2004 by Lior Shamir, a member of the management team at, and co-founder of, now part of, We Are Listening is an indie music promotion agency, providing unique and targeted web-oriented music marketing and career building opportunities for recording artists, songwriters, and lyricists through a series of international music competitions, including The Singer/Songwriter Awards, Lyric Writer Awards, Music Video Awards, World of Music Awards, and Breaking the Band.

Submit your music for a chance at break-through online music marketing services and international exposure.

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