License Your Music

In order for you to license your music for motion picture, you must make yourself and your music known to the individuals who are typically responsible for procuring music for television shows and advertisements, film, and online media. There are lots of small, bootstrapped projects that require music and you may get lucky by simply ensuring that your music is exposed in as many mediums as possible, drawing music buyers by way of online social and professional music discovery services and promotions. However, the odds of landing a major motion picture placement this way are slim. The alternative is to connect with Music Supervisors working for or on behalf of television networks, film studios and production companies, advertising agencies and dotcoms so that your music may be professionally represented and 'pitched' for specific projects.

A Music Supervisor may take a commission and/or flat fee from both parties (the client and the artist). As such, he is motivated to license your music under the best possible terms and for the greatest potential revenue streams. The licensing agreement may generate three individual sources of revenue:

1. Synchronization Licensing Fee: A flat fee charged to the client for the right to synchronize the artist's music to motion picture.

2. Master Use License Fee: A flat fee charged to the client for the right to use the recording of the music, as stipulated in the project criteria.

3. Performance Royalty: A royalty paid by the client to the artist's performing rights society (which, in turn, pays the artist) for each public broadcast of the music.

We Are Listening provides you with the opportunity to license your music through our international song contest program. Submit your music today for consideration.

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