Lyric Writing Contests

There are many lyric writing contests out there but none quite like the Lyric Writer Awards from We Are Listening. In 2007, we teamed up with Combustion Music Nashville to provide an awesome opportunity for aspiring lyricists by creating a specialised lyric writing contest called the “Lyric Writer Awards”. Since then, it has become the leading international lyric writing opportunity and, arguably, the most recognised of all the current lyric writing contests.

Each year, We Are Listening represents four contest winners by introducing them to reputable music publishers and securing publishing and/or co-writing deals on their behalf. Where other lyric writing contests have failed to provide career-oriented prizes, we have delivered and already act on behalf of a dozen songwriters and lyricists who have impressed our contest judges.

Our panel of judges for the Lyric Writer Awards include Andrea Stolpe, co-writer of “Fireflies” performed by Faith Hill, Pat Pattison, lyric writing professor at the infamous Berklee College of Music, and Chris Van Belkom, Creative Director at Combustion Music Nashville, to name but a few.

If you have entered lyric writing contests in the past or thinking about taking part in the future, you will not want to miss this awesome opportunity to get your lyrics reviewed, published, and set to music by the industry’s most prominent professionals.

Jag Star
"Your contests are a wonderful
resource for artists and we can't
thank you guys enough!"
-Jag Star