Music Contests

We Are Listening was founded in 2004 to provide professional prospects for independent artists. A world leader in independent artist development, artist promotion and online music marketing, the company caters to signed and unsigned artists from over 50 countries.

Since 2005, We Are Listening has been running a series of international music contests with the goal of awarding the most talented participants with career-building prizes, including music production trips to various international locations, songwriting retreats in Europe, radio promotion and press representation, sync licensing management, and much more. Winners of We Are Listening’s music contests have gone on to sign record and publishing deals, license music for film and television, enjoy wide-spread press coverage, and achieve consistent radio rotation as well as uplifts in record sales.

With a selection of five distinctive international music contests, each catering to a different branch of the music industry, and armed with the finest music professionals, from multi-platinum selling songwriters to major label executives, We Are Listening boasts the most distinguished panel of judges for the most influential music contests in today’s music market.

We Are Listening’s selection of music contests include The Singer/Songwriter Awards, Lyric Writer Awards, World of Music Awards, New Music Video Awards, and Breaking the Band.

Jag Star
"Your contests are a wonderful
resource for artists and we can't
thank you guys enough!"
-Jag Star