Music Marketing Online

Founded in 2004 by Lior Shamir, We Are Listening has positioned itself as a music marketing online specialist and a leader in independent artist development. Catering to over 15,000 artists at home and abroad, the London-based company has aligned itself with the music industry’s most prominent professionals to provide bespoke promotional services and cost effective music marketing online solutions.

We Are Listening’s clientbase consists of management firms, booking agencies, small independent record labels, radio promoters, music publishers, publicists, and, of course, independent artists. Since 2005, the company has been running a series of music contests for songwriters, lyricists, and performing artists, as a means to discover new talent and provide them with a platform to have their music heard, evaluated, and exposed. Contest winners have enjoyed tailored music marketing online campaigns as part of their prize package and received professional feedback from a panel of judges consisting of label executives, published songwriters, music professors, renowned producers, booking agents, and sought-after artist managers.

Today, We Are Listening’s contests and assessments services are more influential than ever. As a career-building opportunity for artists and their agents, We Are Listening welcomes members of the indie music community to take part in its international events and significantly increase their chances of wide-spread coverage, uplifts in record and ticket sales, and music marketing online success.

Jag Star
"Your contests are a wonderful
resource for artists and we can't
thank you guys enough!"
-Jag Star