Breaking the Band


  1. Contest is open to all artists (bands or solo acts)
  2. All genres are accepted with exception to Instrumentals, Lyrics-Only and music containing profanity
  3. The campaign dates and sequencing of solicitations on your behalf are at the promoter's discretion. You will be consulted for your unique input.
  4. Where radio promotion applies, the artist will be expected to provide us with 500 compact discs (yes, still..) of your music. The product must be of professional audio grade and possess cover art and packaging.
  5. Artists are selected at the discretion of We Are Listening, our opportunity partners and campaign service providers.
  6. We Are Listening may provide but does not guarantee a critique of your submission.
  7. The submission fee is $40.
  8. Entries must be received by midnight EST on the 1st. November 2010.
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