Song Contest

The Singer/Songwriter Awards is We Are Listening’s flagship song contest, providing true music industry opportunities for independent artists.  Song contest prizes include a weekend recording session in London, England; a week-long songwriter’s retreat in Stockholm, Sweden; network television and film placement; college and community radio promotion; record mixing and mastering; and CD duplication.

Song contest judges include some of the music industry’s most sought after professionals, including songwriter/filmscorer, Charlie Mole (Chaka Khan, Angie Stone, Lenny Kravitz); producer, Steve Williams (Sting, Seal, Eric Clapton); Creative Director, Scott Gunter (Universal Music Publishing Group, Nashville); and VP A&R, Bahar Tozman (EMI Music Publishing, Germany), to name just a few.  Song contest partners include Berklee College of Music, Sphere Studios, myHotels Group, NACA, Discmakers, CD Baby, and Sonicbids. 

As the world’s leading international song contest, The Singer/Songwriter Awards has already produced noteworthy music industry success stories.  Since 2005, song contest winners have gone on to sign publishing deals, license their music for film and network television, co-write with professional songwriters, and enjoy prominent radio rotation and uplifts in record sales.

Providing an unparalleled artist development service to songwriters and performing artists from every corner of the globe, We Are Listening invites you to take part in the finest international song contest for independent artists.

Jag Star
"Your contests are a wonderful
resource for artists and we can't
thank you guys enough!"
-Jag Star