Song Critique

A song critique is a professional assessment provided by a reputable songwriting expert. Usually, the critic will be hired to provide one or more written reports for the client after reviewing the client’s music and lyrics. Song critiques may be a general response to the client’s work or an in-depth review which focuses on specific musical facets.

We Are Listening provides a unique song critique approach by providing the client with the option to pose up to three specific questions from a list of pre-determined questions. For musical submissions with lyrics, the list consists of eight pertinent questions that address the song’s musical strengths and weaknesses, areas for improvement, and commercial viability. For lyric-only submissions, the questions focus on plot, message, form, and emotional and commercial potential.

The fee for a single song critique is $30US and may be purchased online as a stand-alone service or part of a contest submission for The Singer/Songwriter Awards, Lyric Writer Awards or Breaking the Band. The critic will be selected from We Are Listening’s panel of judges and guarantees to provide the song critique within 14 working days from entry.

Get invaluable feedback and insight from the music industry’s most prominent songwriters and songwriting professionals, hone your craft, and develop your writing chops by submitting your work to We Are Listening.

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