Song Critiques

Song critiques are professional songwriting assessments provided by seasoned songwriters to fledgling songwriters. Song critiques may be a single exchange between the provider and the receiver whereby the songwriter submits his music and lyrics to the reviewer and, within an agreed period of time, receives a written report, or, an on-going mentoring relationship designed for the reviewer to coach the songwriter over a set period of time, with specific goals in mind, and a series of formal reports and, sometimes, one on one meetings.

Song critiques should not be confused with co-writing sessions. The relationship may be mutually beneficial but intended to leverage the reviewer's experience and insight to aid the songwriter's writing development. It is very rare that the reviewer will work for a commission or royalty. Normally, the songwriter pays the reviewer for his time and/or the written critique or series of developmental reports.

We Are Listening has positioned itself as a specialized resource for songwriters and lyricists, providing bespoke song critiques, lyric writing assessments, and artist development evaluations. Our staff of dedicated reviewers is comprised of the music industry's most sought-after songwriters and publishers, at the ready to assist songwriters develop their craft, maximize their creative output, and contribute to their career path in contemporary music composition.

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