Song Writing Contests

Established in 2004, We Are Listening provides professional prospects for published and unpublished song writers, lyricists, and performing artists, by exposing their work to a network of music industry professionals via a series of international song writing contests including, “The Singer/Songwriter Awards”, “Lyric Writer Awards”, “New Music Video Awards”, “World of Music Awards”, and “Breaking the Band”, each catering to a different division of the music industry.

The company’s professional music industry expertise and proven track record has paved the way for numerous independent success stories. Winners of We Are Listening’s song writing contests have gone on to publish their songs, have their songs cut by established performing artists, co-write with renowned writers, and tour across the US with the support of reputable booking agents and professional management.

Through a challenging evaluation and rewards system, the five varying song writing contests have aroused international appeal and draw participants from over fifty countries. Contest judges include multi-platinum selling song writers and performing artists, and major label executives and publishers.

The hand-picked group of winners from the song writing contests enjoy handsome prizes tailored to contribute to their existing musical activities and with the goal to ‘break’ them commercially. Prizes include song writing retreats in Europe, recording sessions in various international destinations, radio promotion, licensing, television placement, contract proposals, and much more.

Jag Star
"Your contests are a wonderful
resource for artists and we can't
thank you guys enough!"
-Jag Star