Sync License

A Sync License pertains to the right to synchronize a composition to motion picture. Not to be confused with a Master Use License which pertains to the use of the recording(s) of the composition, a Sync License encompasses only the intellectual property of the composition as opposed to its tangible manifestation. Although the two licenses are often grouped together into a single agreement for the purpose of music licensing, it is important to make the distinction in order to understand the authorities involved in a commercial music licensing relationship. For instance, if EMI Music owns the recording of the song and Universal Music Publishing owns the publishing, both parties will need to provide clearance for the client to use the composition. However, if a new version of the composition has been recorded, only Universal Music Publishing will need to provide clearance. In both instances, the fee for the Sync License and Master Use License will be negotiated individually or waived for the purpose of the composition’s promotion and exploitation of Broadcast Royalties which must be paid to the writer(s) and performer(s) of the composition. The Broadcast Royalties will be collected by the writer(s) and performer(s)’ performing rights society from the client and paid to the writer(s) and performer(s) directly, accounting for each public broadcast of the composition, excluding cinematic performances in the US.

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