"Wow - I have never had a
songwriting competition respond
so soon and provide such prompt
-Josh Rose, Ada, MI, USA

"After winning We Are Listening's Breaking the Band contest our music was exposed to a diverse, large audience of independent radio lovers. Our web traffic skyrocketed and we made our first appearance on the CMJ radio charts. Months later we landed a placement on the Oxygen Network's "The Bad Girls Club" through the contacts we made from We Are Listening. As an independent artist in today's market every little bit helps and We Are Listening has given us a big push!"
Mark Towne of Vices I Admire (2010 Winner), Denver, CO, USA
"I just LOVE We Are Listening. After I put my first YouTube video up, I paid We Are Listening to do a review to help me. The lady's ideas [Kristin] were amazing! I have implemented each of her suggestions and they have helped so much. You are all amazing! With admiration,"
Laura McMillan, Oregon City, OR, USA
"I started getting critiques on songs from several places and your critiques are by far the most helpful!"
John Small, Reston, VA, USA
"I just wanted to say that I really enjoy and appreciate your email blasts. They keep me eager and on my toes -- they keep me going against the grain -- and inspire me to make my music more than local, typical, redundant background noise."
Laura Sweeney, Nashville, TN, USA
"Lior, I must say that you are the only and I repeat only person amongst the various songwriting contests that keeps in touch with his members on a regular basis. I guess that's why I keep coming back."
Glenn Valles, Mumbai, India
"Kristin's critique of my song was excellent! This is a great service that helps my songs be the best they can be. It's really worth it to give them the final polish before sending them out into the world on their own."
Kate Northrop, Reichenburg, Switzerland
"Lior – I wanted to thank you for your song writing tips and the song contest. They have really helped me to re-focus on songwriting which is always a pleasure. Win or lose, thank you so much and all the best to you."
Kevin Jones, Canonsburg, PA, USA
"It's great to know that you guys live up to your name and really are listening and trying to help songwriters."
Tal More, Rehovot, Israel
"I'm very happy with your critique. Each of your points is valid and very constructive... money well spent."
Jeffrey Cummings, Romeoville, IL, USA
"We are still a bit shocked we won… I can't tell you how much this means to us. It has made our week, month, and on a Friday to boot! This is exactly the kind of thing our band needs. I do believe a celebration is in order!"
Mark Towne of Vices I Admire (2010 Winner), Denver, CO, USA
"Thank you for everything you do at We Are Listening, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for."
Mary F. Squicciarini, Matthews, NC, USA
"Thank you so much for selecting me as the winner for the We Are Listening song contest. I am very excited about the prize package and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities you have presented. I really appreciate all the wonderful things you've done for me. Let me know if there's anyway I can give back."
Jennifer Bostic (2010 Winner), Nashville, TN, USA
"We have been very impressed with how We Are Listening operates, so thanks for everything."
Samuel Robertson (The Woodlands), Portland, OR, USA
"Thank you so much for your helpful critique, it really boosted the band's confidence to read your positive remarks. It's so nice to know that you actually enjoyed listening to us. We will definitely take your suggestions on board, they’re spot-on, and we will be putting them all into practice."
Rebecca Wolfers (Dirtywings), Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
"You are so responsive and kind - very different from many other music experiences I've had in the past. Whatever you all are doing at We are Listening... you are doing it right."
Sandra Spady, New York, NY, USA
"TV song licenses are still coming in and we are on the industry's radar more than ever since we won Breaking the Band. We are very grateful to you guys for believing in us."
Bryon Rossi (Schaeffer), Detroit, MI, USA
"Just got news that nine TV shows (including The Hills and The City) are interested in using music from my record. I am holding the licenses in my hand!! This is all possible because of We Are Listening and your investment in my career. I'm so grateful. I feel like things are really starting to line-up…"
Jesse Terry, Nashville, TN, USA
"I am thoroughly impressed with your Company. If every organization in the music industry behaved the way you do we would all be moving forward a lot faster. You are a blessing and I look forward to working with you in the future."
Millard Cooley, Jacksonville, FL, USA
"We Are Listening offers a tremendous array of services and opportunities for musicians. We're thrilled and honored to be involved in it."
The Love Me Nots, Phoenix, AZ, USA
"I wish to congratulate the Lyric Writer Awards winner, as well as We Are Listening and the contest judges, for choosing a fine and deserving lyric... one that I can actually imagine someone setting to music."
Jeffrey A. Cummings, Romeoville, IL, USA
"I sincerely appreciate your efforts to drum up interest in "Big Montana Sky". This is what makes the We Are Listening contest different and excellent, as this kind of exposure is the most valuable kind of prize an amateur writer could ask for. You do a great service to us unheard-of writers out here with your contest. Very sincerely: Thank you."
Andy Rieber, Bandon, OR, USA
"Just a quick note to thank you and your judges for listening to my submissions. Though I wish I had been one of your selections, I so appreciate just the opportunity to have you guys listen. You were great with your feedback and so helpful with the questions I had. The best to you and We Are Listening! "
Robin Lee Field, Newburyport, MA, USA
"You definitely made good on your promise to us after winning the first ever "Breaking the Band" and made a great choice when teaming up with Jon DeLange and his Tinderbox crew. They treated us like family, went over and above what they were asked, and gave us some great opportunities to make the next step. We whole-heartedly support what you guys are doing and appreciate working with people who work as hard as we do! Thanks for believing in us."
Bryon Rossi (Schaeffer), Detroit, MI, USA
"Thanks to you all, Alathea's music is now being played on 152 stations across the US. We are so thankful that you all have helped us do what we couldn't do on our own and, most of all, we are so happy with the results!"
Mandee and Cristi (Alathea), Unicoi, TN, USA
"Thanks for a great source for bands to be heard. All of us out there in the music world appreciate you guys more than you know!!"
Calandra Bidwell, Kansas City, KS, USA
"Thank you for being the best contest around for lyric writers... everyone who won has deserved it! "
Aaron Hefferz, Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
"Not only were the winners, finalists, and runner-ups superb, but the judges and administration did a fantastic job with selection and care of the entrants. It was an honor, yet also very humbling, to be one of the runner-ups. The talent was awesome!!!"
Jamie Lynn Fletcher (2005 Runner Up), Green Bay, WI, USA
"Your contest winner is, well, a winner. That says it all... You've really put something together with wearelistening.org and I'd like to say, 'cheers! prieka! thanks and way to go!'"
Dainis W. Michel, Wien, Austria
"I noted your selections of this year's Winners and I think you picked some astonishingly good stuff... I was delighted to see my name in the Honourable Mentions list. Given the quality of the submissions, it is nice to be in the same room, even in the back rows, with these musicians."
Doc Schneider, Atlanta, GA, USA
"I am incredibly honoured to be a Runner-Up in the contest!"
Elizabeth Elkins (The Swear), Atlanta, GA, USA
"I think those are the best critiques I've received from anyone or any company so far. I can tell the songs were listened to in depth. I really like what you are doing and will definitely tell other people about The Singer/Songwriter Awards."
Phil McCammon, Zurich, Switzerland
"This is exactly what I have needed for the past few years. Especially to see where I was going in writing and mostly to know if it was any good to industry people. I really look forward to working with you more in the future."
Chris Clifton, Robertsville, MO, USA
"I think you guys are doing a good job at educating people and giving them skills and a platform to expose their talents."
Koketso Mabusela, Johannesburg, South Africa
"I appreciate the way your company runs. It seems like an honest and very helpful program. You have been very responsive and I'm your customer forever!"
Corey Price, Orem, UT, USA
"May I say that I am so pleased with your service and am grateful for your website and what you are passing along. Thank you."
Gloria O'Connor, Cork, Ireland
"Thanks for your comments. I appreciate the detail of the evaluations of my songs. It's never fun to get criticized, but I think I'll live."
Gart Zeebregts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
"It's great to know there are companies like you guys out there."
Melissa Lewis (2005 Runner Up), Encino, CA, USA
"Wow, I just wanted to thank you for your encouraging comments. Usually I get the old generic emails thanking me for my submission...but to actually know that someone took the time to listen and enjoy my music...I feel like I've already won!"
Janine Gobeil, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
"Your reply commenting on the song, "Philly No More" by Trevor Finlay, showed us your dedication and passion towards your work. It's great to know there are companies like you out there."
Josee Deschenes, Manager of Trevor Finlay, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"We Are Listening seems like such a great company, I am thankful to have found you."
Tawney Ellis, Los Angeles, CA, USA
"I am so impressed with the time and effort you have already committed to my work. Thank You."
David C. Deal, Defiance, OH, USA
"Wow - I have never had any contest respond so soon and get prompt attention. Thanks for being so professional!!"
Josh Rose, Ada, MI, USA
"The critique for my two songs was very straight-forward, honest and agreeable. Somehow, I had the same feelings as you about the harmony and melody but was waiting for your guys to confirm it. It's almost like telepathy! A job well done!!"
Viviana Gerston, Modi'in, Israel
"Wow! Quick turnaround... so it's not just a clever name. Thanks for listening and the links page is a great concept."
Bridget Kearney, Boston, MA, USA
"Again, thanks for everything you guys do. It is WONDERFUL and artists like us can't thank you enough. "
Sarah Lewis (2005 Runner Up), Jag Star, Knoxville, TN, USA
"I've been watching We Are Listening for a couple months now and you folks are the real deal. Very professional, courteous and on target... please keep up the great work and thanks for staying in touch."
Craig Olson, Bellingham, WA, USA
"I listened to Walter the Orange Ocean - their song is really great - beautiful instrumentation, vocal harmonies and chord progressions... definitely a great choice and thank you for recognising great songs!"
Jessica Paige, Melbourne, Australia
"I am thrilled to hear about the contest - my band and I had a wonderful time touring the UK last fall and we can't wait to come back. The opportunity to do some recording with you in London would of course be fabulous. Sounds like you all are doing great things for independent artists...keep up the great work!"
Artemis, Oakfield, CA, USA
"I think you're already providing a great service to independent artists. You've created a place where we can be treated not as amateurs but professional artists with legitimate perspectives and commercial appeal. Bravo!"
Yewande Austin, Austell, Georgia, USA
"I thought that the contest was great because you guys put much care and effort into creating a community. I was glad to be one of the 38 runners-up.."
Kazki Watanabe (2005 Runner Up), Austin, TX, USA
"You are doing a great job, and I really appreciate what you are offering us as musicians."
Debbie L. Rice, Lake Jackson, TX, USA
"I think this is a great thing you're doing for musicians! There is a lot of talent out there that should be heard."
Ana M. Rivas, Tucson, AZ, USA
"Your website is fresh, friendly and you have an amazing team working at We Are Listening."
Kristen Bussandri, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
"I must admit that I am amazed to receive such personal coaching from the busy MD of We Are Listening! Thanks very much again for your interest in my song."
Andre Mendes da Costa, Masterton, New Zealand
"It's great to know that you've listened so attentively. I really appreciate it."
Jacquie Walters, Kerikeri, New Zealand
"Wow, thank you! This is by far the most detailed review I've ever gotten. I really appreciate it."
Jenny Jones, Framingham, MA, USA
"We Are Listening is wonderful and exciting and I am so glad to be involved."
Ben Slip (2006 Runner Up), Alice Springs, Australia
"Skid"Nevely would like to thank Lior Shamir of wearelistening.org for being extremely helpful in getting their music to audiences around the world. It has given them even more confidence and drive to continue writing for the 2006 Singer/Songwriter Awards and their up-coming 2nd album."
Karissa Lewes, Manager of Skid"Nevely (2005 Finalist), Trinidad & Tobago
"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to submit my music for your contest and I very much appreciate the warmth and personal touch of the staff as well. Thank you so much!"
Kim Baker, Moss Beach, CA, USA
"Your contest really draws a lot of diverse and exceptional individuals and I think it's because of the sincerity you convey in every aspect of what your organiztion is doing."
Joey Auch (2006 Finalist), Charlotte, NC, USA
"..your company's efforts in showcasing unsigned independent musical artists is truly commendable and I wish you more power and success in all your endeavors."
Dennis Sy (Chapter 2), South River, NJ, USA
"Thank you so much for you time and encouragement.. your outfit are stars of integrity in an often dark sky. "
David C. Deal, Defiance, OH, USA
"I have never gained so much respect for a company such as yours and a director such as you. Hats off once again Lior!"
Louie Milwee (Lingon Silt), Baltimore, ML, USA
"We are really happy with We Are Listening. Your motive for helping songwriters and musicians around the world is genuine and as songwriters and musicians we are very grateful for opportunities such as the Singer/Songwriter awards."
Grace Milligan (Scarlett Affection), Byron Bay, Australia
"Thank you for your continued support of music and the tips and tricks you provide! Every little thing helps out so much!"
Dasha, Vancouver, BC, Canada
"You and your judges really do know what is good and what could be improved in a song.. I wish other contests where as open as you are."
Simon Rushby, Horley, United Kingdom
"Thank you for the Honourable Mention we received in the songwriting competition. We were very excited with that result and to know someone out there was interested!"
Shea Denny (Cross-Eyed Mary), Melbourne, Australia
"Thank you for your thoughtful and very professional contest. I am delighted my "Talaky" song received an honourable mention and I look forward to participating again."
Gayle Cloud, New York, NY, USA
"What you guys are doing at We Are Listening is wonderful and I thank you for supporting us indie musicians."
Fontaine Weyman, Los Angeles, CA, USA
"Out of all the songwriter contests available, I find yours to be far and away the most professional and beneficial to the artist."
Dean Lonsdale, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"I wish I had words to describe this contest. It is a life changing, path-showing contest for me."
Ishita Rungta, Plantation, FL, USA
"Thank you so much.. I have found your service to be invaluable."
Michelle Bourke, Epping, Victoria, Australia
"Thank you all at We Are Listening for this wonderful contest opportunity! I am very impressed by the staff and the judges!!!"
Desiree Corso, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
"Please allow me to say that it has been an EXTREME pleasure working with you guys so far and, hopefully, in the not too distant future! "
Robbi Spencer, Los Angeles, CA, USA
"Thanks again for this wonderful contest! The worth of the opportunity you present to the entrants is immeasurable."
Suzanne Foschino, Bohemia, NY, USA
"It's great to have such an esteemed panel of judges looking at my work.. I'm always striving to be a better songwriter. "
Karl Haake, San Marcos, TX, USA